We love it when a client walks through our doors and sits down and tells me how they want to get healthy and they want our help. Nothing excites us more.

Quite often the challenge of our team is managing that person’s expectations and enthusiasm. It is terrific to hear this person have this healthy epiphany but what they often do is place an insurmountable amount of pressure upon themselves. The client wants to get healthy overnight after years of unhealthy habits. They attempt to do everything and are disappointed when they feel they let themselves down.

What is even worst about this approach is that may actually be very effective in the short term. However, the person will not only revert to their old habits but quite often the old habits will be amplified as they have given up…..

We are not big believers in rapid overhauls or biggest loser 12 week challenges. Rather our Nutrition Consultation focuses on establishing 2 healthy habits per month. We identify what the biggest needs are and then focus on these first. We only focus on these 2 habits as our focus is long term change. The idea is this:

Focusing on less allows you to achieve more

The great thing is the compound impact of this approach. In 6 months, you would have established 12 amazing habits. That will have a profound impact on your health.

So if you want to get healthy start with just 1 habit and commit to it for 30 days. To further ensure your habit success then you should write it down and have it in a public place (fridge, bathroom mirror), construct a strategy (eg. Hydration – Drink 4 large cups with breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner and then sip 2 bottles daily) and report your progress regularly to someone (friend, family or trainer).

What will your habit be?

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