All it took was a 5-minute phone call to that Momentum 360 was the right gym for me.  From the very start the coaches have been extremely accommodating with providing me with alternatives every class for movements that I physically cannot do due to. a long-term injury, and they encourage me to keep pushing harder instead of making me feel like a nuisance.  I have achieved so much strength, fitness and weight loss in such a short time and can not wait to push even more boundaries and test my limits.




MOIRA LOADER 💁🏼‍♀️ Iost 18kgs with “NO RUNNING”.

Her 12 month transformation 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

✅ 18kg weight loss / 2kg lean mass increase
✅ 10 levels of visceral fat reduced
✅ 6 BMI points down

“Since joining this gym in June last year, I have seen a major difference in my fitness, strength, flexibility and discipline. The body weight functional training has really worked for me & has complemented my nutritional focus.

I love that the classes are personal, 45 minutes in duration & the programme is low impact with NO RUNNING.
The trainers are welcoming, knowledgeable and encouraging. They extend or modify their drills to suit individual body shapes, fitness level & range of movement.

Training has now become a regular part of my weekly schedule & I really enjoy being part of the Momentum Crew!”



“I signed up for the 28 day detox challenge at Momentum 360 after trialling a number of gyms around the Shire and I knew from the first week it was an environment which would motivate me.  It’s a comfortable space with intimate group sizes, the trainers pay attention to detail and really support with your technique providing modified exercises when they are needed.  The diversity of the members means that I always feel welcome and can turn up as myself every session.  The regular emails with advice also keep me in check and I can’t wait to share my before and after photos with friends and family”

Paul Hema

I started my fitness journey with Chris MacCabe nearly a year ago. During that time I’ve learnt a lot, especially how to train smart, not just hard. He’s also taught me the importance of recovery and nutrition. Chris caries every session so it’s never boring and knows exactly when and if I need to be pushed harder. Thanks for everything.


Darren Riekie

I joined Chris at Momentum 360 almost 12 months ago. I was putting a lot of time and effort into my business and family but had been ignoring my own health & wellbeing. Thinking about this imbalance in my life motivated me to act.

My original goal was to loose a little weight and increase my general fitness. Fast forward almost 12 months and I have never been consistent with training and are fitter and stronger than I think I have ever been. I am more focused, feel healthier, sleep better and have more energy.

Chris and the other members at momentum 360 are very motivating and have made me feel welcome. Even in the current situation where we cannot train in person, Chris has developed a variety of excellent workouts we complete at home via zoom. This has helped keep us on track both physically & mentally in these times.

For anyone sitting on the fence, I would say give it a go! I was surprised how quickly I enjoyed the sessions and they have become a valuable part of my weekly routine.


Lisa Kyriacou

From the very first moment in the gym, Chris and the team at Momentum 360 have made me feel welcomed and part of the community. I am the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been and after almost a year of membership and social distancing I haven’t lost the motivation to train. While I was quite active I had never really trained with weights. Chris approaches every workout with enthusiasm (even in the zoom sessions) and guides you individually to cater for your level and needs. Great atmosphere and great coaches – I would recommend them to everyone!


PT & Circuit Training

Prior to commencing PT & circuit training, I met with Head Coach Ally for an over an hour inorder for her to clearly ascertain my training needs. This meeting gave me the opportunity to become familiar with the gym space, discuss where I was at & what my goals are for both my physical fitness & my life in general. Ally is extremely encouraging, nurturing & the space of the gym feels safe. Training is fun & it works every muscle. I am a former gymnast yet had not really trained for a very long time. The adage of “no pain no gain” has come to mind often as post training has made me know I am alive as my muscles thank me loudly whilst Ally nails it, gently pushing me on to train more & not give up. This personalised approach to fitness is so encouraging for me at age 52 with 2 Grand daughters, as it is NOW that I need to get it together & keep it together through menopause & beyond. I feel the coaches at Momentum 360 are walking beside me on this new journey. So grateful

Matthew Fox

This is an awesome gym. Workouts that test you and help you improve. Since joining l’ve really seen some noticeable results and others have noticed too.
Great trainers and an awesome community vibe. The timetable works for me and gives plenty of options to ensure I never miss a workout. There is something here for everyone and every ability. You should give it a go!


Kylie Newman

Momentum 360 is more than just a fitness facility; it’s a community of individuals who share similar goals and values, providing mutual encouragement and support. The knowledgeable coaches lead enjoyable classes within the convenient 45-minute timeframe, making it feasible for even the busiest schedules. Ally, the owner, fosters an environment of endless support and ensures newcomers feel at ease from day one. Surprisingly, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the gym experience, thanks to Momentum 360!


Annie Harden

I’ve been to many gyms over the years and I can say with great certainty that Momentum 360 at Taren Point is the most friendliest, inviting training environment I have ever been involved with.
Check it out folks and ask for Ally or Charlie and you can’t go wrong. 👍

melissa higgans

I have never encountered a gym like Momentum 360, having been to a few in the past and always feeling like just another number. When I joined Momentum 360 in October 2023 I was instantly welcomed and supported not just by the trainers but by the members. The community just uplift and support each other at Momentum 360, and with the guidance of Ally and the Training team you honestly feel motivated to just keep showing up and keep pushing. Each session challenges you but it is guaranteed to be fun, so you just keep going back! Not only do they support the members but also the community, with fitness fundraisers and sponsorship of local community sports groups.

If you want a gym that actually cares about you, this is the place to be!

Kim Wright

I can’t express how relieved I am finding Ally and the team, as an older woman I was struggling with menopause weight gain and lack of motivation, i had joined and quit many gyms before I accepted a 21 day challenge to reset with M360, the coaches are incredibly supportive and the members are so warm and friendly, I am pushed to my limit and leave nothing in the tank each session, Ally the GM is always available for guidance and support, highly recommend giving M360 a go, you will be instantly welcomed into the family and get to train together in a fun interactive way 🙂


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