My main focus as a coach has mostly been around functional training - I love hyping a class up and getting everyone enjoying what they are doing but I also enjoy giving all clients that specific attention needed to perform their best.

My drive as a trainer is to help other people achieve the goals they want to achieve. Having a coach as a teenager helped me change my body but also helped changed the mindset I had as well as helped me find my love of exercise and fitness.


My passion for coaching is driven by a desire to support others to bring out the very best in themselves.

Fat loss, body beyond baby (pelvic floor function) are strong areas of expertise.

Single mumma to 3 amazing humans, so I can completely relate to the “time poor” struggle.

If I’m not in the gym, you’ll find me at the beach, enjoying a cocktail with friends, and snowboarding


I grew up in dancing and started teaching dance from age 13. I'm also a total biology nerd and this along with my passion for movement led me to a degree in Exercise and Sport Science.

I love helping people move well and get strong!

When I’m not running classes at Momentum 360 I coach competitive cheerleading (because sometimes lifting people is more exciting than lifting weights).

Dan Henderson

Dan is the Founder of Momentum 360. Dan has been in the industry over 12 years and consults to many of the leading gyms globally. It is this vast experience that has helped propel Momentum 360 to be a world class facility that helps people become the healthiest versions of themselves.


I’ve been a Personal Trainer for the past 16 years and have worked as an educator and mentor within the Fitness Industry. I'm passionate about helping clients improve their energy levels, self confidence and self esteem and set realistic goals to achieve amazing results through my PT Collective Transformation Program. 

I also specialise in pre and post natal training, I have an excellent understanding of the physical, psychological and hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy. I am passionate towards supporting mums and mums-to-be with maintaining their fitness throughout their pregnancy in a safe manner and helping mothers regain their physical fitness following the miracle of birth.

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