My main focus as a coach has mostly been around functional training - I love hyping a class up and getting everyone enjoying what they are doing but I also enjoy giving all clients that specific attention needed to perform their best.

My drive as a trainer is to help other people achieve the goals they want to achieve. Having a coach as a teenager helped me change my body but also helped changed the mindset I had as well as helped me find my love of exercise and fitness.

General Manager

My passion for coaching is driven by a desire to support others to bring out the very best in themselves.

Fat loss, body beyond baby (pelvic floor function) are strong areas of expertise.

Single mumma to 3 amazing humans, so I can completely relate to the “time poor” struggle.

If I’m not in the gym, you’ll find me at the beach, enjoying a cocktail with friends, and snowboarding

Charlie Borromeo

As a Personal Trainer I find it very rewarding seeing clients succeed & be happier in life through training.

Something that is very important to me in life is being surrounded by positive, fun like minded people.

I really enjoy working with people with disabilities as it keeps me humble & appreciative with what I have.I absolutely love animals, surfing, snowboarding & traveling overseas to warm tropical countries with awesome jungle juices.

Dan Henderson

Dan is the Founder of Momentum 360. Dan has been in the industry over 12 years and consults to many of the leading gyms globally. It is this vast experience that has helped propel Momentum 360 to be a world class facility that helps people become the healthiest versions of themselves.


I love working at Momentum 360 because of the positive and fun-loving community of both coaches and members. As a coach I am to support every individual meet their personal goals and strive to show the potential they didn't know they had! With a background in dance, I specialize in flow movement and mobility exercises, in particular Zuu fitness. I have a very spoilt cat at home called Pepperoni and love anything pistachio flavored.


After spending my youth participating in numerous sports it was an easy decision to enrol in Exercise Science at NSW Uni. Since then I've completed courses in Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning and Mindset coaching.

I love helping the awesome fitness community at Momentum 360 and am grateful to work alongside the team of coaches. My other passions in life are my wife and children, my family and friends, surfing and my Jack Russell named Dexter.

My vision is to help unleash everyone's mind and body potential to become the best version of themselves.


Why do I coach? I am passionate about changing lives. Supporting Mental health and building connection are important to me. Coaching gives me the opportunity to support my clients as they lean into a life of happiness and wellbeing. When I’m not at M360 you’ll find me dancing, fishing, cooking wholesome food and mothering my teenage twins.


Over the past 6 years, I have transformed myself and found a love for training. I’ve made so many mistakes throughout my journey, and learnt so much in regards to training and nutrition. I’m committed to helping you achieve your goals and making it part of your lifestyle. I utilise everything I learnt throughout my journey, to help other people achieve their goals without making the mistakes.


My passion for health and fitness led me to complete my undergrad of Exercise Physiology and my strength and conditioning level 1. Being a trainer means more than just prescribing someone an exercise, to me a trainer is inspiring people to improve their quality of life through physical activity and motivate them to achieve personal goals. I am a high energy, some may say annoying, coach who loves to push people out of their comfort zones and prove to them that they are capable of anything!

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