What is the magical number of meals we should be eating for weight loss?

Should I be preparing 6 meals every day or will the old ‘3 square meals’ a day cut it?

It was always assumed that eating lots of smaller meals more frequently was far superior to eating 3 bigger meals a day.

So just how true is this?

The answer is it depends….. Research has shown that eating frequent smaller meals doesn’t increase the chances of weight loss over larger less frequent meals like most people have previously assumed.

However, if you are anything like me then having long gaps between meals (5+ hours) sends me wild with hunger pangs. When food does arrive then I am like a man possessed and gorge like I have been on famine for 2 days. This is where smaller more frequent meals are of great benefit. They keep the hunger pangs away and prevent me from overeating.

Now not everyone is like me and this is why one approach for all doesn’t work when it comes to meal frequency. Some people find that they eat more when they increase the number of meals. In this case they are better served from eating 3 meals a day.

When it comes to weight loss and changing your body composition the most important factor is how much you eat (calories) and not how many times you eat. Find what works for you and stick to that would be our advice.

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