As a health and fitness coach, I regularly speak to women in the 30- 56 age range. Most have 3 things in common: 

  • They are time poor
  • They undervalue their own worth 
  • They don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror 


As a 40 something old female personal trainer in the Sutherland Shire, I have most definitely faced these life hurdles too. Time poor, mother guilt, finances, work commitments and low self esteem. Sound familiar?

This aint Cinderella! There is no fairy godmother lurking around willing to wave her magic wand making you instantly more toned, strong and healthy on the inside. We got to do that stuff ourselves Ladies of the Sutherland shire!


Enter the modern day version of the old fabled fairy hero- you! 

I bet you’ve geared yourself up a number of times to find the nearest gym, searched for personal training in the Sutherland Shire or maybe even “best personal trainers” in the Sutherland Shire– but something always pulls you up short, you never quite get there right?


That’s where the team at Momentum 360 comes in. 

Our team of professional coaches are hand selected to guide you as you step into your power and build yourself into the woman you know you really are.

After meeting with one of our highly qualified coaches, you will be guided through a movement assessment which allows us to personalise your experience here at momentum, ensuring a solid foundation of technical capability is set in place before you join one of our highly motivating classes. 


Momentum 360 Coaches will hold your hand whilst we tick off the key pillars in building a healthier, more happier and healthier YOU. 


Our wonderful services which include, nutrition coaching, Small Group PT and classes will support your goals alongside the accountability and support we offer from our friendly, expert team.


Find out more about how Momentum 360 and our great team can help you with your desired outcomes.


If you are looking for a Gym or Personal Trainer near by location of Sutherland Shire. Please contact us via below form



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