Personal trainers are everywhere….. In fact, it is not hard to become a personal trainer so there is more and more entering the industry at a rapid rate. Like all professionals there is a HUGE disparity in quality. There are the rookies that have completed their 6 week course and wanted to become a trainer because the hourly rate was attractive (these people find out that it is HARD work and are gone within 12 months) and then there is the other side of the spectrum. There are trainers that have years of experience, university degrees, a tonne of testimonials and before and after photos and genuinely CARE for their clients.

So if you want to get REAL RESULTS with your training and really achieve your goals then you need to know if you are in good hands.

So what should you look out for……

  1. Do they GENUINELLY care when talking to you? Are they present in the conversation?
  2. What is their approach to diet and exercise? Do they look the part? I don’t mean that they need to look like fitness models but they should look fit and healthy
  3. Are they continually up skilling? Have they invested in their further education? What books are they reading?
  4. What RESULTS have they have helped their clients achieve in the past?

If a personal trainer fits these criteria then you are in VERY good hands and you have increased your chances of SUCCESS significantly.

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