Team Training

Let the community spirit of Momentum 360 push you. We believe that your environment shapes you, that’s why we have created an environment for people who want to improve their quality of life, while having fun in the process.

Choose from our range of classes that explore different types of movement

Strength 360. Work your muscles and strengthen your body through kettlebells and weighted training.

MetBlast 360. Burn more calories through high intensity movements designed to increase your metabolic threshold.

EndureFit 360 . Increase your endurance and get your cardiovascular system in shape.

Recover 360. Realign the body and mind after strenuous activity. Yoga based poses, PNF stretching, foam rolling, self myofascial release and breathing techniques will help reduce daily stress as well as stress from training, allowing for the regeneration of muscles and organs.


Choose a class that focuses on strength, endurance, metabolic conditioning, or recovery and stress release

Transform your life within a community of like-minded people

Integrate multiple training styles for a holistic improvement in your health and fitness


"Fantastic trainers with so much enthusiasm and passion to help those they work with,both with a constant desire to improve there own knowledge & skillset. Would highly recommend them!"

Callum Keen


Momentum 360 Offer Personal Training in Caringbah and you’ll experience results, develop a higher quality of life and have fun in the process. This is achieved by our philosophy to move often, perform well and restore optimally.


Get an awesome workout, with a wide variety of training methods. Our classes are designed around strength, high intensity, cardio and skill based movement.  


Improve your body’s general performance in life, or focus on improving your fitness for your specific sport; obstacle racing or physical hobby.


Re-aligning your mind and body, the recovery process will allow you to continuously progress in training and life.

28 Days Kick Start With WORLD CLASS TRAINING.



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